Author Sarah Oberlander invites you to read  the first book of the Lenny Kidd series, You Just Can’t Win ‘Em All.

Lenny and his friends are in a quest to buy an Xbox, but find something more important along the way…

Who is Lenny Kidd?

Lenny Kidd has to overcome the fury of his math teacher, Ms. Drazula and the savage school bully, Hunter Machammer to get what he wants.

He can’t do it all by himself so he enlists his best friends Alex and Shelly to come up with a plan to raise money for an Xbox. Sounds simple enough…but it never is.


Sarah Oberlander is an author, tennis player, and pianist who loves to write adventure stories. Her first book, You Just Can’t Win ‘Em All, is the first in the Lenny Kidd series.



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